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Lesson on Skin Textures

For you to understand what’s happening to your skin, let’s have a quick lesson in skin texture and tissue.

The skin is composed of layers called the Epidermis and the Dermis.  The Epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, having no blood vessels and consisting of several layers of cells covering and protecting the Dermis.  The Epidermis is composed primarily of dead and dying cells which the body is constantly shedding.  Beneath the Epidermis lies the Dermis.  It is composed of living tissue which contains blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles and glands.

Bacteria sometimes invade the skin through the Epidermis causing localized infection.  The resulting acne scars are usually caused by the presence of bacteria along with the acne.

Remember, dead skin or clogged pores can’t “breathe” and you’re going to have unhealthy skin.  KEEP IT CLEAN and you will find natural oils flowing again if you have dry skin.  For oily skin, which is prevalent with acne, the constant cleaning will remove the excessive oil and bacteria.

Another disorder of the skin is premature aging.  One cause is overexposure to the sun.  Deep tanning or repeated sunburns, if sunbathing is done incorrectly, can cause damage to the skin and give it a leathery appearance.  I will explain later the right way to be a “sun worshipper.”

Other causes of premature aging are heredity, illness, worry or overwork.  Let me ask you this, the face you saw in the mirror this morning, did it show a fresh, smooth complexion or a tired, lined, aging look?  If you’re like many people in their middle years, you may be increasingly concerned about wrinkles on your cheeks, forehead and neck, lines and folds around your eyes, fluting around the mouth or perhaps brown spots and other discolorations.

What you see in the mirror is the face you show every day to the people in your world, your family, friends, business associates and casual acquaintances.  If you look like an aging person who has lost their youth, that’s probably how you feel.  And that’s how you’ll be treated.  Is that what you want?  Of course not!  You’d like to look and feel younger.  Why, your best years are still ahead of you!

There are many procedures and remedies that can correct or greatly alleviate these skin problems.  The problems are not in the Dermis but in the Epidermis in most cases.

So, let’s get to work and find out which treatment is best for you.  And, don’t smear your face anymore with a lot of cream and cosmetics.  It’s better to have slightly dry, firm and tight skin for that fresh, natural rosy look.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to have to wear makeup except around your eyes, and lipstick?!

Remember what I told you before, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed or let anyone tease you because you want to better yourself.  This isn’t anything new, you know.  Cleopatra was notorious for trying every beauty “secret” ever suggested.  And, Ponce de Leon went to the ends of the earth searching for the Fountain of Youth.

Just do what grandma did and keep this thought, hundreds are still doing it!  Stay tuned until next time.

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